Best race tracks in Poland
Travelling is undoubtedly one of the best ways of spending your time off but also a way of following your passions. As such, it may take on multiple forms. Some enjoy the comforts of all-inclusive poolside holidays, however, there is certain a group of people for whom the rush of maxing your engine through a series of bends and a smell of burning rubber is all there really is. For quite some time now such petrolheads would book their flights and head to the green hell of Nürburgring. However, a Polish travel agency ITS Poland argues that it might be a worth your time to consider travelling to Poland for your automotive adventure.

With some seventeen race tracks that come in all sizes and levels of difficulty scattered across the country you will have plenty to choose from. You may even combine regular travels and sightseeing with a few days on track, as most of them are located close to major tourist centres such Warsaw, Cracow or Gdansk. While on track you often get an option to rent a car (anything from a Fiesta ST to a Lamborghini) and book a professional instructor who will help you hone your skills. Below you will find some of the top picks by the Polish travel agency – ITS Poland.

Autodrom Jastrząb

This contemporary driver training centre is located about halfway between Warsaw and Cracow and some 20 kilometres away from the picaresque city of Radom. The total area of 20 hectares houses paved 2.400-metres long race track with another 1.100 metres of unpaved sections, a modern business centre, a hotel and a restaurant. Autodrom Jastrząb offers all sort of automotive events including driver training, track days, drift sessions, company events, motorcycle track days or private rentals of the entire track. The track’s layout allows for easy set of various racing lines to match your expectations.

Autodrom Słomczyn

Another race track on our list, Autodrom Słomczyn, is conveniently located about 50-minutes’ drive from Warsaw city centre. The track is open both to amateurs as well as professionals and as such is often used in various racing series. There are three major loops (go-kart, racing and rally-cross), however, the track is sketched in such a way that it may be easily adapted to various events. Autodrom Słomczyn offers weekly training sessions for go-karts, cars and motorcycles, each on a different day of the week. When travelling to Warsaw you might include such session in your itinerary.

Motopark Toruń

When browsing through top travel destinations in Poland, surely you must have come across Toruń. This charming town with its UNESCO enlisted medieval Old Town is definitely worth visiting. However, what most travel guides miss out on is Motopark race track. The first race track in the early 1990’s used parts of a disused airfield, however, since then the track has been thoroughly modernised and is now an up-to-date driver training centre and home to numerous rally-cross and drift events. Driver training programmes, incentives and private rentals are also available.

Tor Poznań

Poznań race track might be one of the most recognizable one in Poland. It definitely is the longest and the fastest allowing it to house numerous international and national racing events on a professional level, although regular track days, exhibitions or super car meets such as Gran Turismo Polonia are also held here. It is also one of few locations where you can apply and train for a professional racing license.

Kartodrom Bydgoszcz

The last track on the list of today’s recommendations is the one in the charming city of Bydgoszcz. The track itself is narrow and the corners are tight, making it a solid favourite among countless motorcycle riders and go-kart races. What is special about it though, is the fact that the track is located within city limits just by the beautiful and unspoiled river Brda that cuts across the city. Regardless where you are in Bydgoszcz, it will take you about 15 minutes to get to track and start racing.

Follow your passion when travelling

The abovementioned a just a few examples and Poland definitely has a lot more to offer. With numerous cheap flights and a lot of top European travel destinations you may be certain to have a blast when travelling to Poland. Feel free to reach out to our partner ITS Poland – a Polish travel agency with years of experience and kind, helpful staff, regardless whether you would like a simple weekend adventure in a race car or a full, captivating itinerary. Travel and your hobbies can go hand in hand and Poland may be just the right place to start.