How To Maximize Las Vegas Hotel Amenities

There are many ways to enjoy the Las Vegas hotel amenities, but there are some things that you should consider as well. Given the fact that Vegas is considered one of the prime destinations, enjoying everything at one setting might come across your mind.

However, before making a decision, ponder on whether all of these Las Vegas Hotel amenities are really worth the time or is it ideal for the whole family. To enjoy the best of both worlds, here are some of the things that you should consider while staying in Vegas.

Check the Distance

If you want to visit one place in Vegas, it may seem closer, but the truth is, it is farther than you think. If you want to visit Bellagio and you’re currently at MGM Grand, don’t walk because the distance is actually four miles. To cover the distance and enjoy these two places, use the trams or the walkways between casinos.

Don’t Spend Money on Drinks while in the Casino

Sadly, even water is expensive in Vegas, and if you are inside a casino, consider not spending money on drinks. You can buy water for a price of $1 all across the Strip.

Dress with Comfort

While in Vegas, comfort is needed. The hot and humid weather could be discomforting for you and for the rest of the family if you are traveling with them. To prevent that, wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Join a Club

Do not just join any club, but join a player’s club. If you don’t want to spend a lot of your time in gambling, sign up for a casino player’s club. It is one of the best ways to get extra freebies and discounts. You can also use the membership for restaurants, shows and even other attractions found in Vegas.

Learn Gambling through Gambling Lessons

While in Vegas, gambling is rampant and if you want to enjoy Las Vegas hotel amenities, then gambling is a part of it. However, do not gamble without learning a thing or two. Take gambling lessons. Do not be intimidated by it. You can enjoy the free gambling lessons hosted by most Las Vegas Hotels. Do not be overwhelmed, but learn about gambling so that you can have some ideas about gambling and prevent yourself from wasting money over it.

Don’t Eat during Peak Times

Since Las Vegas is a major tourist attraction, people are everywhere. If you want to enjoy Las Vegas Hotel amenities, don’t eat during peak times, whether it is dinner, lunch or breakfast. For instance, dinner in Las Vegas falls somewhere around 6-8 pm.

To avoid the hassle, be flexible and try to have dinner by 5-5:30 and 8:30-9 pm. If you are eating in a restaurant with buffet, the line could be unmanageable, so take some time by being there early so that you won’t have to stand in line for longer periods of time.

Las Vegas is all about the splurge. Make most of your Las Vegas hotel amenities and enjoy with your friends, family, or special someone.