Batam has a very beautiful and extraordinary natural charm. There are many natural attractions that you can visit with your family, you can also see a variety of beautiful beaches and mountains. Or just spending time while eating delicious dishes from various directions. Because you can eat all the menu freely here. As is widely known by the public, Batam City is one of the industrial, trade, and tourism areas. So do not be surprised if this area is often visited by more than 1 million tourists from abroad every year.

There are so many hotel in Batam are also available. For example, The Golden Hotel Bay Batam has complete facilities and is suitable for travelers who want to relax while on vacation. Some Indonesians know Batam only as a transit city when they want to visit Singapore. In fact, Batam also has an amazing charm as neighboring countries. What tourist destinations can you visit in Batam? Check out the article below.

1. Nongsa Beach

Nongsa Beach is one of the popular tourist attractions in Batam and an exotic tourist area with a charming stretch of white sand, as well as calm waves. This beach is located in Sambau Village, Nongsa District, Batam City, Riau Islands. From Hang Nadim Airport you can go to Nongsa Beach using a motorized vehicle. The location is also quite close to Singapore. Only a dozen kilometers or just 1/2 hour by motorboat you can reach Singapore.

So from here, you can see the city view of Singapore directly, especially at night. Because at night, you can enjoy the view of the sparkling lights that radiate from the skyscrapers in Singapore. At Nongsa Beach, you can also happily enjoy the sunset because of its strategic location facing the west of the ocean. In addition, here you can also find a traditional and still unpretentious village, namely the Nongsa village. Nongsa Beach is also close to several other leading Batam tourist attractions such as Maimun Beach and Sekilak.

2. Ranoh Island

A beautiful island with white sand and beaches. Many foreign tourists visit here just to spoil their eyes while relaxing to relieve fatigue. This beautiful tropical island offers a very beautiful sea view. If you play in the water, you will see colorful fish swimming freely among the coral reefs. Walking and playing in the water with the fish will certainly be very fun.

Moreover, these fish are very friendly and can make the heart happy. If you are good at swimming, snorkeling or diving will be the right choice so that the underwater natural charm becomes more visible. Swimming with fish and other marine life will certainly be very fun. This tourist area also gives you a comfortable and natural atmosphere, away from the noise and bustle of the industrial city of Batam.

3. Batam Botanical Garden

This tourist area is an area formed as nature conservation. The collection of plants is very diverse and can be quite complete. Not only that, this tourist attraction has several thematic parks. Such as flower gardens, maze gardens, and children’s gardens which serve as a force for conservation.

In addition, when visiting this place you can also enjoy a very amazing view. Not only can you see various types of plants, but later you can also see various fauna in the Batam Botanical Gardens. This tourist area is known as a family because while you are there you only travel but can also get insight.

Those are some tourist attractions in Batam that must be included in your holiday bucket list! Guaranteed to make you feel at home! For hotel bookings, you can get it at Traveloka, which provides clean accommodation, pay at check-in, and online hotel check-in.