Famous Churches in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes and beautiful beaches. There is a lot for a visitor to see in New Zealand and one of those attractions is the famous churches that are located across different parts of New Zealand. Here are five of the most famous churches in New Zealand that you and your mates can visit via bus hire.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

This beautiful architectural masterpiece dates back to 1856 and has since been classified as a category A historical building. St. Mary’s Catholic Church is white in colour and sits perfectly with the beautiful green hills that form a natural setting to it. The church is located in Nelson and was built by Father Antoine Garin on land that he bought for just 35 pounds. One of the interesting stories around the construction of this church is the burying of a time capsule in the church foundation. Builders buried a sealed bottle with newspapers of the day and a parchment. The foundation was built on solid rock and reinforced with concrete and marble.

St. Dunstan’s Church

St. Dunstan is a gothic style church located in the town of Clyde. The church was built in 1903 and is listed as a category 2 historic building. Made from stone from local quarries, the church has survived numerous earthquakes virtually unscathed. The church was designed by Francis Petre who then engaged a pair of local craftsmen to put the church together. The church underwent renovations in 2003 as part of its centenary celebrations. No priest is permanently assigned to the church and it is used exclusively for special occasions.

Rangiatea Church

Rangiatea Church is located in Otaki and its design is inspired by both English and Maori architecture. This fusion of western and Maori design makes the Rangiatea church unique and a hit with tourists visiting Otaki. The Rangiatea Church was built in 1851 but was destroyed by arsonists in 1995. It was immediately rebuilt and was not completed until 2003.

St. Patrick’s Basilica

Located in Oamaru, this beautiful church is the architectural centrepiece of the town and is one of the best works of Francis Petre. The Basilica has a beautiful portico and three domes that dominate the skyline of the town. The church features a unique ceiling style that is made with wood panels and finished with zinc. This zinc finish improves the acoustics in the church as it is a great resonator. The front domes of the church and the columns are inspired by Greek architecture.

Burnside Church

Burnside Church was built in 1875 and was originally intended to be a chapel for farm workers. The church has kept most of its original features and features a very distinct pink roof that makes it stand out. Burnside church is located in the town of Pirinoa. The church can accommodate about 60 congregants and although it is in regular use, the management can arrange for visitors to tour the building. It features a piano and a pedal organ. Burnside church is available for hire and is a great venue for weddings and christenings.