To some, train journeys are very fun and to some train journeys are very boring. But there are various ways by which one can spend time in train journeys. It completely depends on the company how one can kill time in train journeys. If you have friends and families along with you then you can chat with them and play board games but what if you are travelling alone?

Well, there are many people who love to seat beside the window and look at the nature that passes by when they are on a roll. The nature around is a welcome break from the regular mundane concrete life of city for them. But what after the sun sets and the lights fade away? If you are having an overnight journey (most of the train journeys are), then it might turn to be a boring one after the sun goes down the horizon. Having a chat with strangers who are your co passengers is not a very safe option. So, carrying a book along will definitely help. You can also listen to music in you iPods or mobile and spend rest of the time.

Train journeys mean one has to take care of a lot of things. You should carry light weight luggage and also put a lock on them as you never know what kind of people you are travelling with. Once luggage is put safe along the berth, it is a good idea to sit in your allotted berth and try to remain in your seat in most of the time while the train runs.

Carry a kit of first aid along with your luggage. Along with medicines, it must have a sanitizer, tissue papers, liquid soap. This is because the interior of a train is not a very hygienic place as there are too many passengers using the toilet, the passages and the wash basin. So, carrying tissue papers and liquid soaps are must when you are using the bathroom. The wash basin always remains crowded. So a sanitizer is always helpful. Do not touch your food with dirty hands. Sanitize your hands before eating if you cannot wash them. This will help you to remain safe from infections. There is no need to get down in stations when the train is at halt. It is very risky. If you miss the train by any chance then it can create more fuss. Moreover, trying to board a train while it is on the run is not a very safe thing to do. One can hurt themselves by doing this.

Carrying a medicine kit is always necessary. Medicines are needed because it is difficult to get a doctor in the train. Basic allergies and stomach upset medicines should be carried along with antacids and paracetamol.

Train food serviceĀ is really good and on time. One can order vegetarian or non-vegetarian thali if the train has a pantry car in it. They can also book their food online when they are booking the rail reservations.